Smart Playlist

UX designer, developer


In the fast-paced modern world, time is a valuable resource and intelligent time management is more important than ever. For example, the way home from work is often experienced as wasted time, which could be used better. While commuting you may want to plan your evening television viewing program.

Solution / Overview

Smart Playlist is a mobile application to create and manage playlists for the TVThek which can be sent to an application on a Samsung SmartTV. New playlists can be created, edited and renamed. Each playlist consists of a set of entries which can be deleted and reordered. The playlists are permanently stored and can be synchronized with multiple SmartTVs. Furthermore, the smartphone acts as a remote control when connected to the TV.

Process and Methods

This project was initiated and conducted in cooperation with Samsung and ORF (Austria’s major broadcaster). Before the implementation of the prototype, ideas were generated and iterated through sketches and wireframes.

Sketches and Wireframe

The goal was to define a concept, key features, and forms of interaction and to iterate easily on ideas.

Result: Concrete flow of interaction, design and functionality.


The goal was to test the idea, find out about its feasibility and present it to Samsung and ORF.

Result: It is feasible and this prototype is a cornerstone for further development and design improvements.

Tools and Technology Summary

  • Sketches and Wireframe for the concept and iteration on ideas
  • Prototype for tests
  • Balsamiq for wireframes
  • Latex for documentation
  • Samsung TV SDK, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the SmartTV application prototype
  • Android SDK for the smartphone application prototype